Saturday, January 5, 2013


Well it's official !!!! .I pick  my canned ham tomorrow. Sooo excited to finally meet her. She is a 1963 Shasta shell waiting for her new mamma to give her the much needed love and attention she deserves.
This blog will be dedicated to the transformation process.Here are her photos from the listing ....

 My angel has wings....


  1. Oh boy Oh boy I can't wait to hear all the deets... and I KNOW you won't forget to take before and after pix.... I live for those. So what's your route? p.s. Love the little Fins.
    Signed: PeggyWeggy

  2. wait, is this the one from Rockford? Beat me to it. I live in Woodstock and have a 64 1500. I saw this advertisement and wondered about it. Good for you!! Now the project begins. :)

  3. Hey Mark,
    Yes she is from Rockford alright. When I picked her up on Sunday it sounds like I beat a couple people willing to pay her more to buy it out from under me. Her owner was a very honest woman, and told me she had promised her to me, and gave me first dibs. I guess we were meant to be together. If you have any suggestions for floor plans, or info about what model she is I wold greatly appreciate it. Thanks for stopping by!xoxoxo

  4. Looks like she is meant for you, this is so exciting.